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Incredible Discovery At Rushton Church
In 1956 my late father and grandfather discovered the De Trafford family burial crypt beneath the church, during renovation work. Please contact me at 'relayer65@hotmail.co.uk' if you wish further information, ( leaving your phone number and best time to call you.)
Posted by Rob Bailey on 13 December 2019
Discovery Of De Trafford Crypt at Rushton Church
In 1956 my late Father discovered the burial crypt of the De Trafford family, by accident, during exterior renovation work.

The whole story, with photos, can be viewed at website 'Ludchurch Rushton grave robbers'.

My posting can be read at bottom of the page. This is a fascinating and eerie true story you will enjoy !
Posted by Rob Bailey on 04 September 2018
Thank you for your comment regarding Rushton Church, so for delay in replying, a technical hitch on the website
which hid your post until now.
I have tried to open the link but can't can you give me another way to access it as it sounds very interesting.
many thanks
Posted by Penny Vickers on 27 June 2019
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